Monet Talks

Teachers and Lecturers! Invite us to your school college or university and enjoy our interactive art, music and personal development workshops.

 'It's not about the Monet: it's all about YOU!'


  • Celebrate the life and paintings of Claude Monet

  • Develop individual self-awareness

  • Mixed-media, multi-sensory programmes

  • For all age groups and abilities

  • Individually designed for your curriculum 

Interested? Contact Lynne today for a friendly chat and to see how we can help you.

Social organisers - Entertaining and informative events for your art gallery, library, painting group, French class or gardening society

'Monet, Monet, Monet - A Lasting Impression'

  • Illustrated, interactive talks  based on Monet's Song

  • Walk through Monet's life with his paintings

  • Take a photographic stroll through his garden.

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Contact Lynne and between us we can arrange a personalised, informative and entertaining experience, tailored to your curriculum and your budget.