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Lynne Edwards

Writer and Creative Director


From earliest awareness I was, like Monet, overwhelmed  by an undeniable passion within me. Mine was to work in the theatre, but after several years as an actor, I  strayed from my chosen path when my own family became as large as that of Monet's. I joined the teaching profession where I taught those with special needs and also the gifted and talented. I taught from A Level Drama and English all the way down through Key Stages 2 and 1 and finally Early Years, whereupon I once more jumped ship. Since then I have been exploring this wonderful world, sometimes on a motorbike, doing a variety of voluntary projects such as the 'Sing Around the World' day and teaching in India  besides devising a series of workshops (or Playgrounds). Both the Theatre of Attraction and Monet Talks focus on the development of individual self-appreciation and the excitement of diversity while creating a more joyous future. I think this is what life is all about and no-one, I believe, lived this philosophy better than Claude Monet. 

Dale Keeling


Dale Keeling is a Sydney born writer and photographer. He has also lived and worked in Fiji and England but gave his heart to France when we first discovered Giverny. He now follows the sunshine, spending the warmer months in his garden in the Dordogne, only returning to the beaches of Sydney with the first frosts.

Antoine Filante

Antoine Filante is a musician living and working in Paris. Lynne and Antoine met through the Couchsurfing community and he was able to honour the spirit of the original lyric while creating his own song, a song which adheres to the metres and rhyming idiosyncrasies of French lyrical poetry. Thus, although in his version we may lose some specifics of the allusions, we gain a true chanson française.

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