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 'It's not about the Monet: it's all about YOU!'


Educational art and music workshops celebrating the life and paintings of Claude Monet, but with a strong focus on developing individual self-awareness.


Mixed-media, multi-sensory programmes for all age groups and abilities. Individually designed for the requirements of your school, art college or university.


Easily adapted to provide a unique experience for your gardening club or arts society - follow link to 'Monet Talks'.

Sample Lesson Plan for 9-10 year olds

Talbot Junior School, 

18th May 2019

11.15 – 12.15

Monet Workshop

 Year 5   Class 5T and 5H




Pupils will already have learned the song in the introductory lesson and become familiar with Monet as an artist, gardener and family man.


Example of a follow-up session adapted to the focus of this particular year group.

Monet’s Garden – From Paris to Giverny


Art straws, pastels, tissue paper, tape, jelly babies, paper plates.



Show Slideshow

Sing song with guitar– pupils should remember it well from previous session


Keynote presentation





Bridge building  - has to be able to support a jelly baby. Look for style and strength ( how many jelly babies will it hold)


Tower building – able to be topped with a marshmallow. This links with the class work on Burj-al- kalifa


Garden designing on paper


Flower/plant designing


Garden making on paper plates or in trays. Using tissue paper and assorted craft materials.



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