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Monet makes the world go round

Monet himself loved to travel, indeed it was the spread of rail travel that aided the young Impressionsists to develop their individual style. It was from a railway carriage that Monet first saw the village of Giverny. 

Give us a fresh challenge

Wherever you may be in the world we would love to provide an event or workshop to suit your specific needs and culture. 

Paintings by Claude Monet are now exhibited far and wide and it is only fitting that we should endeavour to illuminate and celebrate Monet and his works in as many places as we are able.

We have our main bases in the United Kingdom, Australia, France and India but we consider all places home. All rates are negotiable so do call to discuss.

Join us - learn to teach Monet's Song workshops

If you like the idea of starting you own freelance business teaching Monet's Song workshops in your area or country, we can arrange a training session and provide the necessary materials and support. 

We can't be everywhere at once and we can't do it all ourselves.  We need teachers, artists, singers and other creative, enthusiastic folk to lead our workshops as we expand our network throughout the world. 

We know there is a growing society of freelance entrepreneurs who love to travel or simply have a need to share their love of Claude Monet in their local area.

If you would like to join us in whatever capacity, we offer you our resource package and can support you to develop your own Monet Talks series, either following our own formula or encouraging you to expand in your own unique way.

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